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Legion Village 96 Seniors Residence Brockville was incorporated in 1989. Our mission is to provide good quality housing to seniors. We own two buildings, 10 and 12 Charlotte Place with a total of 90 units. Legion Village 96 is managed by a board of nine volunteer directors who meet monthly. There are presently 3 employees - an Administrator, a full time Superintendant and a part time Superintendant.
We have two sources of income to pay for our operating expenses, rent and a subsidy provided by the municipal government. We have a legal agreement with the government which sets out rules and regulations as to how we operate.
Legion Village 96 runs its operations on a non-profit basis. This means that we do not charge more in rent along with government subsidy than would cover the cost of our normal operating costs, such as maintenance, administration, insurance, utilities and mortgage. We also set aside a reserve each year to cover the cost of future major replacements, such as the roof, windows, and appliances. Since the amount of annual subsidy that we get from the government is a fixed amount, if we have high expenses for things like maintenance, we must cut costs in other areas.
Legion Village 96 works with the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association to build a strong social housing sector and to influence government housing policies.

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